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These cute looking creatures may look harmless, and truth be told they usually stay away from humans, however, it’s the property damage and the unhygienic possum waste that cause distress. Possums regularly rummage around in garbage searching for food and other scraps. It’s not uncommon for them to nest in roof spaces turning a neat and organized space into a mess of droppings, damaged surrounds, and urine stains.

When possums settle in, like most pests, they usually come in waves, inviting all their family and friends to join in on their newly discovered source of food and shelter.

Possums are common pests that have caused immense household and health-related problems all throughout the country. They are nighttime creatures that regularly take shelter in house rooftops or ceilings and gardens, and are so natural to breed and multiply. Look no further than Jashlin’s Pest Control to provide you with the best quality of pest control services at competitive pricing for excellent Possums Pest Control Sydney extermination service.