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Are you tired of pest problems? The best way to tackle pests is to call for a professional pest control service. Jashlin’s Pest Control is one of the top pest control in Sydney. We are widely recognised and trusted by our clients.

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Pest Control Sydney

Are you tired of pest problems? The best way to tackle pests is to call for a professional pest control service. Jashlin’s Pest Control is one of the top pest control in Sydney. We are widely recognised and trusted by our clients. Hence, we can help you get rid of pests irrespective of the size of your property. We can handle any type of pest. From ants, termites, rats, bugs, and flies to cockroaches, we have pest treatment for everything.

“Excellence and professionalism are first when it comes to our Pest Control Service. We are constantly improving our services, staying up-to-date on all the latest industry advancements and bringing our knowledge to your doorstep. Since 2000, our goal has remained the same—to provide reliable services and make sure our clients know we are professionals they can trust.”

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Our Services

If you have a pest problem, we will remove them. That’s our guarantee. We use smart eco-friendly pest control solutions to keep you and your family safe. Our fully licensed and insured technicians will provide you with a powerful and effective customized pest treatment plan.

Cockroach Pest Control

If you are currently experiencing cockroach problems or cockroach infestation at your home or office..

Termite Inspection

Termite inspections in Sydney need to be treated a little differently than most other locations due to being within a..

Bird Control

Our experienced technicians will recommend the best bird pest control options for your property and requirements.

Rodent Control

When you have a rodent problem, you want them gone and you want them gone fast!

Possum Control

Possums are common pests that have caused immense household and health-related problems all throughout the country.

Bed Bug Pest Control

Are you experiencing sleepless nights? Many homeowners across Sydney have experienced bed bug infestation at one point or another.

Domestic Pest Control Sydney

If you live in Sydney, you can be certain that we can provide you with the best pest control services to ensure a healthy and safe environment for you and your family. For the average Sydney resident, pest eradication may be extremely tough and unpleasant.

You may be stuck with it for an extended amount of time in certain circumstances. Opting for professional services from our pest control is the ideal option in this scenario.We offer a Domestic pest service to all residents in the city. We understand how critical it is to eradicate insects from your house as quickly as possible, which is why we offer 24-hour pest control services for all of our customers.

Residential Pest Control Sydney

We provide friendly and professional services for all our residential pest control clients. We not only provide the services you need, but we also provide free advice, follow-ups, and ongoing consultation. As our client, you can expect our technicians to look at your problems as if they’re their own.

We also understand that customers don’t want to hear how difficult something is to fix. They want to be provided with solutions and comfort that their pest problem will be solved.

Commercial Pest Control Sydney

We specialise in commercial pest control jobs for all industries and property types. Our clients are made up of Restaurants, Offices, Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Schools, Childcare Centres, Aged Care Facilities, Warehouses, and Factories.


Regardless of what type of business or organisation you run, you can rely on Sydney’s Best Pest Control to prevent pests from impacting your business.


Customer Reviews

"The service was really fast and reliable. Very professional and informative and gave instructions about what to do next. Good pricing too I was happy with the service."
Farida Mohamed
"Arjun was very helpful and friendly. He went outside of his standard process to make sure my house and all areas are protected. Highly recommend."
Robin Emran