Flea Pest Control

Flea Pest Control Sydney

Fleas are usually first noticed by minor rashes and itchiness on the arms and legs of people in their vicinity. If you have noticed this, then you may have fleas on your property.

Fleas are similar to bed bugs in that they feed off human and animal blood. Fleas can become a very big problem infesting an entire property in a very short period. In the right conditions, the flea life cycle can range from a few weeks to several months. A flea infestation can be difficult to control unless an added insect growth regulator is used because regular treatments only treat adult fleas. Insect growth regulators will stop the eggs from hatching and in turn stop the life cycle.

When it comes to flea treatment we can help you demolish them using the best products available in the market, you can be at peace because we only choose products that are environment friendly and won’t cause any allergies or reactions to the residents of the home. As we have always stated, safety is our top priority in all services that we offer to our clients. We will make a thorough inspection of your entire place and get to know which areas are affected by these pests. We will then undertake all the necessary control measures that are bound to provide you with a flea free home.

So if you have a flea problem at your house, don’t just buy the cheap flea bombs and hope for the best. They very rarely kill juveniles and you will be back to the same problem in no time. Give the Sydney flea treatment experts a call at 0455 737 208.